Quilting in Queens

Apartment view of the NYC skyline

Apartment view of the NYC skyline.. and factory

Gift Fox is now quilting in Queens!

While the new apartment in Astoria is a bit tight, it’s not entirely un-quilt-friendly. Without the amazing counterspace of my Dover, NH apartment, and without the high-ceiling, skylight room of my Kittery, ME apartment, this new Astoria apartment has (maybe) enough floor space to do a full-size quilt. And when I say “floor space,” I literally mean cutting fabrics & arranging them on the rug in the living room. Any projects I complete here, I will celebrate with an entire bottle of red wine. Quilting in NYC is a bit like homesteading: It doesn’t seem like many quilt here, so finding things like batting can be tricky. And the apartment spaces don’t have the counters and table-space, which requires some ingenuity when you’re in the middle of rotary-cutting, machine sewing, and ironing.

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Gift Fox, Astoria Edition

Before I moved to NYC in April, I was able to finish my flying geese quilt. It was a race to the finish since I was moving in just a matter of weeks, and things were already in boxes. I took lots of pictures of it using my camera, but unfortunately, I haven’t been able to find my camera’s USB cord since the move. For now, here’s a quick pic of the finished product:

quilt, flying geese, deck, Maine

Flying Geese Quilt

Remember that scrappy quilt I was pulling together in March? The one that had all the fabric scraps from the zipper pouches I made at Christmas? After four months cooped up in my craft dresser, this sister star quilt is coming together.

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Sister Star Quilt

I will be adding a larger border to the top & bottom to give it some more length, and then a slim vertical border. I’m trying to decide if I should make this twin-size or keep it more like a nursery-size quilt. Any thoughts? (Of course, as soon as I put down the quilt top to photograph, Tilly “the Willicus” sauntered in.)

stars, quilt, cat, quilt top

Sister Stars with Cat Model

I am happy to be quilting again, and can’t wait to update you on all my new projects this year!

stars, quilts, squares, fabric

Sister Star detail