A Journey Through The Past

Journey Through The Past - Gift Fox Quilts

Finished! My fall migration quilt of flying geese blocks! After humming plenty of Neil Young during its creation, I’ve titled it “Journey Through The Past” because isn’t that what the fall & winter are best for? Mulling cider & wine & memories?

Journey Thru The Past Quilt Top - Gift Fox Quilts

Twin-size quilt on a queen-size bed conundrum.

Flying geese are a great way to use up scraps from quilting projects past. Taking inspiration from Suzy Quilts’ Fly Away pattern, I used leftover cotton and linen fabrics from the log cabin wedding quilt and starburst anniversary quilt.

Journey Through The Past - Gift Fox Quilts

For the backing, I discovered a yarn-dyed, bittersweet red cotton fabric at Brooklyn General Store. This fabric is so soft, and a great fall/winter weight. I’ve got a predilection for warm-colored bed linens like orange and yellow because I believe they warm the thoughts as well as the body.

Journey Through The Past - Gift Fox Quilts

“Journey Through The Past” Quilt Backing

Journey Through The Past - Gift Fox Quilts

Hand-Quilting Close-Up. (Not pictured: Every tear I cried during Beth’s death scene in “Little Women.”)

Deep Thoughts: Are these flying geese coming or going? If each “goose” (triangle) represents a memory, are the light-colored geese newly formed memories or ghosts of memories past?

Portrait of Jess Feldman, The Gift Fox - Gift Fox Quilts

Portrait of the Gift Fox with homemade scrunchie.