Patchwork Wilderness Baby Quilt

Patchwork Wilderness Baby Quilt - Gift Fox Quilts

The last of my 2018 quilts has found a home, and best of all, half of the proceeds went to Koalas In Care Inc.! Koalas In Care currently cares for 25+ koalas in their own home and without government funding. The majority of their patients are burn victims from wildfires devastating koala habitat in Australia.

Some koala facts:

  • Koalas are only found in Australia!
  • Koalas are marsupials (not bears)!
  • Koalas sleep up to 18 hours a day!

Patchwork Wilderness Baby Quilt - Gift Fox Quilts

I started this baby quilt in the summer of 2017 with the desire to toss in all the animal prints I had in my fabric trunk. The quilt includes fabric by Carolyn Friedlander, Lewis & Irene, Cotton + Steel, a horse print found at a yard sale in upstate NY, fox fabric from poet Mekeel McBride, a corduroy lion print from my great grandmother’s collection.

Patchwork Wilderness Baby Quilt - Gift Fox Quilts

There’s fabric in this quilt from past quilts like 2017’s Fall Migration Quilt, 2016’s Log Cabin Quilt, and 2014’s Flying Geese Quilt. It’s an extra layer of comfort to know that these quilts create their own bloodline, their own family tree, their own network of support & comfort across time and distance. Quilts live on in the next quilt.

Patchwork Wilderness Baby Quilts - Gift Fox Quilts

I’m hoping to update this site soon with posts about this year’s projects. In the meantime, you can find me posting on Instagram at @giftfoxquilts.

Looking for a winter project? Consider knitting mittens for koalas! During a wildfire, koalas climb to the treetops and wait out the burn. Once the fire subsides, koalas climb down, which puts their very intricate feet in contact with burning rubble. Mittens are a big help in allowing the burned footpads of the koalas heal up!