Thorn + Bloom Quilt (in the making!)

Gift Fox Quilts - Jess Feldman - 2018 - Crown of Thorns block

New quilt in the works! This block is usually called “Crown of Thorns,” but I’ve been thinking of it as the Thorn & Bloom block. Where there are gorgeous roses, there are dagger thorns. But where there are dagger thorns, there are gorgeous roses. See what I did there? This quilt is jiving with my Aquarius Sun / Scorpio Moon sensibilities.

I’m using a color palette that feels very earthy and elemental: rusty red-orange, deep sinking navy, sandy sand tan, sky-rock blues. Good colors to root into and grow from.

And because it takes a lot of time and repetitive motion to piece together a quilt, this equates to lots of space for my brain to wander and dream up a quilt’s personality.
Here are the Thorn & Bloom quilt stats (so far):

Mottos: Challenge by choice. Bad with the good. Ain’t no mountain high enough. Glass half full. Count your blessings.
Favorite Hobby: Pollyanna’s “Glad Game.”
Favorite Season: Spring.

When I’m not listening to the quilting voices in my head, I’ve been tuned into season one of the Threshold podcast. Definitely worth a listen especially if you’re interested in the politics & environmental interests surrounding wild animal conservation.

I am hoping to have this queen-size quilt all pulled together in time for Carroll Gardens’ annual rose blooming season (May/June). And if you’re thinking, “Cool quilt, but where can I get a pair of those awesome slippers,” head over to Manitobah Mucklucks.