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Fall Foliage Throw Quilt

With all of the striking foliage this fall, I’ve been really keyed into orange and purple. I’ve grown up in New England, so while foliage is nothing new to me, something about moving… Continue reading

Patchwork Wilderness Baby Quilt

The last of my 2018 quilts has found a home, and best of all, half of the proceeds went to Koalas In Care Inc.! Koalas In Care currently cares for 25+ koalas in… Continue reading

Thorn + Bloom Quilt

Thorn+Bloom started coming together this February with the idea that I’d finish the quilt by the time the roses were blooming in Carroll Gardens this Spring. Cool idea, right? What I forgot was… Continue reading

The Denim Queen

It all started when I moseyed into Purl SoHo this August and they were having the most incredible sale and I bought all the fabrics. I like checking out Purl every few months… Continue reading

The Sea Stack Quilt

Two cairns of nautical colors are the focus of this baby quilt… but can I be honest for a hot second about those cairns? They were supposed to be clean-cut geese flocking in… Continue reading

Fall 2018 Happenings

Gift Fox Quilts now for sale at Brooklyn Collective!

Ace & Jig’s Zero Waste Community Quilt

Gift Fox participates in the 2018 Ace & Jig Community Quilt.

Thorn + Bloom Quilt (in the making!)

New quilt in the works! This block is usually called “Crown of Thorns,” but I’ve been thinking of it as the Thorn & Bloom block. Where there are gorgeous roses, there are dagger… Continue reading

Dragon Claw Baby Quilt

My poet-friend Megan Leonard welcomed her third baby this past December, which means she’s now the lone water sign (Pisces) in her little family of fire signs (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius). I joked that… Continue reading

2017 Donations Round-Up

Thanks to all you crazy quilt-lovers out there, Gift Fox was able to donate $330 to various charities in 2017! Donations were given to: GLSEN Anjellicle Cats (NYC) Pets Without Parents (OH) Lakota… Continue reading