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Starburst Anniversary Quilt

Half-triangle blocks are true magic. They are so simple to build, but pack such a visual punch. Originally, I was following this pattern by Lemon Squeezy Home, but began to deviate from it… Continue reading

Sunday Morning Whole Cloth Quilt

I’ve been wanting to do a whole-cloth quilt forever because they’re a great way to show off vintage fabric. Another win is that it’s an easy quilt to bring together, which translates for… Continue reading

Star Queen

2012: A star (block) is born in Dover, New Hampshire to a newly graduated poet. I didn’t have a sewing machine at that time, so this star was hand-sewn together. And then I… Continue reading

Quilting Home

  Finally I can reveal the queen-size wedding quilt I’ve been consumed with the past four months! This log-cabin block quilt was created for my very dear friends & power couple, actress Harmony Stempel and painter Samuel… Continue reading

Our Anonymous Ancestors

Two weeks back, I was at the MET gawking at the hand-sewn/hand-quilted genius of our quilting ancestors. Sure, the MET is chock-full of incredible fine art (which I love), but there’s something about… Continue reading

Scrappy Woodland Block Baby Quilt

There’s nothing like a project that uses up the leftovers from previous quilts. This simple woodland quilt was composed of fabric scraps from a log-cabin baby quilt, fabric I inherited from my great-grandmother, and leftovers from 2015’s Gift… Continue reading

Homemade Gifts from The Gift Fox

Just in time for the holiday season, The Gift Fox is pulling together some little gifties for you & yours! I’ll be at the Pop-Up Holiday Market at Halyards in Brooklyn on Saturday, December… Continue reading

Potholder Your Way Into Their Hearts

Finally! The holidays are over and I can share with you this year’s crafting project: POTHOLDERS. Yup. They were simple to make, easy to hand-quilt, and lovely to wrap up in fox wrapping… Continue reading

& That’s How the Toffee Crumbles

Christmas is just days away, and I’m neck-deep in finding those last few gifts, sending Gift Fox packages, mailing the last of the Christmas cards, and getting together the fixings for Christmas Eve & Christmas… Continue reading

Ye Annual Christmas Craft

For a third consecutive year, I am opening my quilting drawers and making Christmas gifts for friends with scrap fabric. This year, I am making… Well, to be revealed after I mail them in… Continue reading