Potholder Your Way Into Their Hearts

Gift Fox Quilts

All Lined Up

Finally! The holidays are over and I can share with you this year’s crafting project: POTHOLDERS. Yup. They were simple to make, easy to hand-quilt, and lovely to wrap up in fox wrapping paper and send on their merry way. Unfortunately, I ran out of batting, so could only make 7 pairs of potholders, when really I meant to sew 12 pairs.

Gift Fox Quilts

Zebras bound for Paris

As per usual, I used fabric scraps to pull these puppies together. The only exception to this rule was a pair of zebra potholders that were a fabric find at The City Quilter. And speaking of City Quilter, they have some incredible looking classes this winter. I’m thinking of taking the Dear Jane quilt class…

Gift Fox Quilts

All those glorious potholders!

Happy 2015!