Patchwork Wilderness Baby Quilt

The last of my 2018 quilts has found a home, and best of all, half of the proceeds went to Koalas In Care Inc.! Koalas In Care currently cares for 25+ koalas in… Continue reading

Thorn + Bloom Quilt

Thorn+Bloom started coming together this February with the idea that I’d finish the quilt by the time the roses were blooming in Carroll Gardens this Spring. Cool idea, right? What I forgot was… Continue reading

The Denim Queen

It all started when I moseyed into Purl SoHo this August and they were having the most incredible sale and I bought all the fabrics. I like checking out Purl every few months… Continue reading

The Sea Stack Quilt

Two cairns of nautical colors are the focus of this baby quilt… but can I be honest for a hot second about those cairns? They were supposed to be clean-cut geese flocking in… Continue reading

Fall 2018 Happenings

Gift Fox Quilts now for sale at Brooklyn Collective!

Ace & Jig’s Zero Waste Community Quilt

Gift Fox participates in the 2018 Ace & Jig Community Quilt.

Thorn + Bloom Quilt (in the making!)

New quilt in the works! This block is usually called “Crown of Thorns,” but I’ve been thinking of it as the Thorn & Bloom block. Where there are gorgeous roses, there are dagger… Continue reading

Dragon Claw Baby Quilt

My poet-friend Megan Leonard welcomed her third baby this past December, which means she’s now the lone water sign (Pisces) in her little family of fire signs (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius). I joked that… Continue reading

2017 Donations Round-Up

Thanks to all you crazy quilt-lovers out there, Gift Fox was able to donate $330 to various charities in 2017! Donations were given to: GLSEN Anjellicle Cats (NYC) Pets Without Parents (OH) Lakota… Continue reading

A Journey Through The Past

Finished! My¬†fall migration quilt of flying geese blocks! After humming plenty of Neil Young during its creation, I’ve titled it “Journey Through The Past” because isn’t that what the fall & winter are… Continue reading