Fall 2018 Happenings

After a summer of intensive quilting, I’m thrilled to share that Gift Fox Quilts are now available for sale at Brooklyn Collective (212 Columbia Street, Brooklyn)!!! I’ve created quilts for all sizes, from dolls to two-adult-humans-sharing-a-bed.

And if you’re in the NYC area this week, Brooklyn Collective will be having its 14th anniversary party on Friday, September 28th from 6-9PM. I’ll be there with a glass of wine and ready to gab about my quilts. Come on down!

Jess Feldman Gift Fox Quilts

Jess Feldman being a dweeb by her bear claw block in the 2018 Ace & Jig community quilt (Piecework Collective at Ludlow Studios, NY, NY)

In other news, my bear claw block was added to the Ace & Jig community quilt that was featured in Piecework Collective’s Self Portrait exhibition this past weekend. I went to check it out at the gallery opening and loved seeing my square sewn next to blocks with foxes, cats and horses in them. Very fitting! It was wonderful to see so many people coming out on a Thursday night to look at quilts in NYC, and a shot in the arm to see modern quilts by Lindsay Degen, Lauren MacDonald, Kiva Motnyk and other makers. And did I mention that Vogue did a write-up about this show?!