Our Anonymous Ancestors

Gift Fox Quilts - MET Quilt Exhibit

Two weeks back, I was at the MET gawking at the hand-sewn/hand-quilted genius of our quilting ancestors. Sure, the MET is chock-full of incredible fine art (which I love), but there’s something about exhibits on “domestic art” pieces that really gets me. Anonymous makers to us now, the hands & spirit of whomever crafted these pieces were well-known to those they loved before history lost their name.

Gift Fox Quilts - MET Folk Art Quilt Exhibit

And these creations — I can’t help but see them as made with love. This love may have been for family &/or friends as many domestic art pieces were made as gifts or to share and use among many. However, this love may also been a self-love, a moment of self-worth where artistic skill and creativity was given spotlight and valued.

GIFT FOX QUILTS - MET Folk Art Quilt Exhibit

Not only were these quilts intricately done, but they are huge. Like California King-sized. And the colors are bright! I was surprised to see so many batik-styled fabrics in use.

For those in the NYC area, these eight quilts are on exhibit in the Folk Art section of the MET through January 2017.