The Friends that Tote together… Caro Clark

Gift Fox Quilts

Behold! The tote I lovingly handcrafted for Caro Clark, fiction writer, boat builder, tropical island bartender, Alaska tour guide, and social networker extraordinaire. Caro & I met during our tenure at UNH’s MFA writing program (That’s us! In that first pic with Ashley Benson of Down Cellar Catering!). While there, she co-founded “Read Free or Die,” and also completed a residency at Elsewhere (North Carolina). Caro had a difficult December in 2012, and I hoped placing the Fatima on her tote would help to comfort her.

Gift Fox Quilts

Caro uses her tote to “carry shells and beach artifacts to each of my new homes, from Maine to the Carribbean, Alaska and now, Washington.”

Within Caro's Fatima tote... A love note to Gift Fox?

Within Caro’s Fatima tote… Shells &     a  love note to Gift Fox?

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