Pouches Ain’t Just for Marsupials; Resolutions Ain’t Just for Resolving

Gift Fox Quilts

Finally! The holidays are over & I can share photos of the delightful little zipper pouches I made for friends & family! Pictured above are 7 of the 18 that I crafted, each measuring 7″x9″ & perfect for stowing away in purses. With the bit of extra fabric from this project, I am thinking of throwing together an easy block quilt with a purple theme. It will be a perfect February/amethyst birthstone kind of project.

Zipper-y Pouches!

Zipper-y Pouches!

And as for New Year resolutions?

One week into 2014 and for the first time ever I’m not sure what kind of wishes/dreams/goals I want to follow next. I’m nearly 29. I never pictured myself being 29 or nearly 29. My 16-year old self made lots of life plans for my 25-year old self; most of those life plans included being married, with three kids and a house & a horse. With many of the women of my family having wed & had children by age 29, I feel like I’m entering some uncharted waters. Can a woman today really have it all? Love, career, horses, kids, marriage, a little prosperity to sail her to Scandinavia, time to write & quilt & sing? I believe that I can have it all, so I’m making it my faith.

So, if I could tell my 16-year old self anything, it would be that at the unthinkable age of nearly 29 (unwed, childless, no house, no horse), I am happier than I have ever been. And life, it’s only going to get better.

Tilly Willicus napping on my Icelandic sheep skin

Tilly napping on my Icelandic sheepskin

And what did Gift Fox do this past year? 2013 projects included:

  1. Being band’s vox & keys;
  2. helping Down Cellar Catering;
  3. starting Gift Fox Quilts;
  4. deciding to be a teacher & then deciding not to be a teacher;
  5. rescuing three wild birds thanks to the Center for Wildlife
  6. moved to the land of three bridges & a US navy yard: Kittery, Maine
  7. eating better to clear up my skin (Thank you, Jane Gee!);
  8. riding horses again!!!
  9. donated my old Corolla to Kars4Kids;
  10. Ms. Feldman recordings to appear in an upcoming fashion short by Aussie James Demitri;
  11. got poems published in The Portland Review & an upcoming issue of Painted Bride Quarterly.

Gift Fox Quilts

Upcoming Gift Fox January/February projects:

  1. Finish quilt for artist Erin Murray
  2. Co-quilting project with Mom this January (So so excited about this!)
  3. Finish Being band’s recordings at Sonelab studios
  4. Turn 29 on February 11th.