Quilting to the Sound of Brits

Once I’ve reached the hand-quilting stage of my quilts, I have a few favorite routines that help settle me into a quilting groove.

The Gift Fox

The Gift Fox

  • I tend to keep the quilt I’m working on right next to my bed. On a weekend morning, I’ll often reach for the quilt & start sewing. (It’s a great way to start the day!) And of course, Tilly sits right on top of the quilt I’m working on.
All Creatures

All Creatures

  • I love “watching” old British TV shows or Victorian rom-coms. Or HGTV or “Chopped” on Food Network. Of course, “watching” really means I’m listening and every now & then, I glance up for a few moments to say “Oh my gawd” when something dramatic is occurring. Some of my favorite shows to watch:
  1. Downton Abbey
  2. Call the Midwife
  3. All Creatures Great & Small
  4. Masterpiece Theater anything, but especially “Bleak House”

Gift Fox Quilts

  • When it’s a rainy/cold/slushy/snowy afternoon, I prefer listening music. Some of my favorite voices:
  1. Nina Simone
  2. Gillian Welch
  3. Joanna Newsom
  4. Bonnie Prince Billy
  5. Sandy Denny
  6. Antony & the Johnsons
  7. Neil Young
  8. Julianna Barwick