the Motto

Our motto here at Gift Fox: 

Don’t plan the gifts. Let the Gift Fox bring them!

The Gift Fox

You know when you start planning everything in your life? When you’re going to get married? Who’s invited to the wedding? How many kids you’re going to have? Where you’re going to live someday? etc., etc.

I got wound up in this cyclical thinking last year. It was burdensome, worrisome, lonesome. I was driving myself crazy, beating myself up for not “accomplishing” these things, these gifts by the age of 28. A very insightful woman told me that I needed to “stop planning the gifts.” Gifts aren’t true gifts if we’re force-feeding them to ourselves and those we love. Those “gifts” become obligations, and ultimately, disappointments.

Don’t believe me? Just imagine that “perfect” wedding you planned for yourself ten or twenty years ago. What was the dress going to look like? What was the venue? How many people? Now imagine you’re getting married in a month and have to follow that dream wedding you planned for yourself a decade earlier. For me, there would have been a lot of strange goth touches and baby blue. Ugh.

So, trust in the Gift Fox. She’s got just the thing for you.